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Can we all please stop panicking over the repeal of the Human Rights Act?

No one’s coming for your right to education, freedom or life

Those that can…teach?

Teaching has become the most popular career choice for Oxbridge-leavers. So much for the popular expression reports KATE MORRISON-BETTS.

Interview: Brett Wigdortz

Ever thought about applying to Teach First? KATIE FORSTER meets BRETT WIGDORTZ, founder and CEO of the organisation that recruits high-flying graduates to teach in challenging schools.

Chaz Choppers to Cambridge

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles touch down at Girton to spread some Royal goodwill.

The Flap Over Free Schools

Free schools encourage a better quality of teaching, which is exactly what we need.

Poll: How Much Would You Pay For Cambridge?

Would you have come to Cambridge for £7,000 per year. What about £12,000? Vote now.

Classics Don in Coalition Curriculum Spat

Mary Beard has slammed Simon Schama’s role as an advisor on the new history curriculum.