Giant stag strikes academic in freak attack

A Cambridge academic is this week ‘fighting for her life’ after being gored by a giant stag in the Scottish Highlands

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Dr Kate Stone, who currently works as a research engineer in the university’s Institute of Manufacturing, was relaxing with a group of friends when the stag came charging out of the darkness.

The attack occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, leaving the 44-year-old with injuries to her neck and spine.

Kate Stone has been left with serious neck and spine injuries

The beast, described as “panicking” by onlookers, pierced her throat with its antlers before vanishing back into the surrounding woodland.

It was initially feared her injuries may leave her paralysed.

Not your average stag night

Not your average stag night

Dr Stone and her friends had been invited back to the home of local musician, Jim Hunter, who said:

“He came right at us and right through us. We were all having a great time – it was just the most unlucky freak accident ever.”

Peter Fraser, a retired gamekeeper who has worked with deer for more than 40 years added:

“For a stag to come out of the darkness like this and go for someone is highly unusual – a chance in a million.”

A spokeswoman from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has confirmed Dr. Stone is in a “serious but stable condition.”