Bullish Briggs Predicts Twickenham Win

With the upcoming Varsity match at Twickenham on the 12th December, The Tab talks to Will Briggs, prop and Captain of the Blues about this season, and what’s to come.

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Blues Captain Will Briggs

How has your season been so far?

The results have been a mixed bag, however the processes we’re trying to implement and our style of play has taken a step forward with each game. From within the camp, it feels like things are falling into place. We’re hoping to build on that in the last few fixtures.


How do you prepare for a big match?

At the end of the day the Varsity Match is just another rugby game, played out over 80 minutes just like every other fixture this year. It’s important we get that into perspective and don’t let the occasion get the better of us. To help prevent this we’ve exposed the squad to different pressures this season, be that the quality of opposition or number of spectators. This teaches you how to perform under pressure, irrespective of the source of that pressure.


What has been your favourite moment on a rugby pitch?

Standing shoulder to shoulder with your mates at Twickenham, singing the national anthem, just before the Varsity Match kicks-off is pretty special.


What is the best song to get you in the mood for a game?

Besides the national anthem? It’d probably have to be something by AC/DC.


Who is you favourite international player and why?

Sergio Parisse. For years he stood out, despite often being on the wrong side of a win. Now he’s leading one of the most successful Italian sides ever.


What are your thoughts about the Varsity match?

That is a very broad question. As an occasion I think its important to keep alive amateur fixtures like this and the Babcock Trophy. There is a purity that the professional game, with superstars and sponsorship deals, sometimes loses sight of. Regarding the outcome this year? This is the best Cambridge team I’ve been a part of. Cambridge win.