Student’s Stunt Splits College Vote

An impressive stunt mimicking John Claude Van Damme’s split has boosted the election prospects of a student campaigning to be Jesus College’s JCR Vice-Prez.

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An impressive stunt by Dominic Silvester, a second year student running for Vice-President at Jesus, has left the outcome of Jesus College’s election wide open.

Mimicking a Volvo advert – where John Claude Van Damme does the splits astride two increasingly distant trucks reversing at speed – Silvester, wearing a  captain’s hat and framed by the college, is pushed backwards on two wheely chairs as he spreads his message.

Deep concentration

In the video, Silvester explains his decision to run as “most people spend their lives running from something. That’s why I’m running for something – something that I believe in.” The third team college football player, despite the impressive display, is still down to earth about his political ambitions: “Think of me as the Forrest Gump of politics.” he told The Tab.

Done in only one take with very little preparation, the video has already attracted a lot of attention. Indeed, having only been posted on Facebook yesterday, it’s garnered more than 80 likes.

A gymnast as a child, Silvester was “a lot better at climbing ropes and shit” than academia, he told The Tab. He also admitted to us that CGI was involved in the video’s making, “Completely Gifted Individuals, that is.”

Credit where credit is due kind words for all involved were quick on the tongue: “I’d like to thank my campaign managers Ed Mellor, Tom Hudson, Gonzalo Ramos and Henry Joliffe.”

We’re not sure if these are the people who helped. Dominic, pictured second from the left

Running for ‘Vice’, rather than President, was all about positioning Silvester explained: “I would rather give from the back than receive from the front.”

With a manifesto written on a napkin that only covers improving “stash” and a simple equation to improve Half-Way Hall (“flowing drinks and tasty tunes”) some might take his campaign to be a joke.

What? No Crayon?

“Jean-Claude van Dominic Silvester”, however is very serious: “[I want] A better Jesus. A resurrected Jesus. A Jesus for everyone.

“I feel like my attributes are better suited to the role of Vice-President, designing the best stash and making everyone’s last year the best it can be.”

Whatever the outcome, the election is staying inside the family; Silvester is running against his college sister, Hazel Jackson, who he wishes “the best of luck”.

If, however, he loses and isn’t led down the path of politics our man is pretty flexible about other options: “I’d like to engage in missionary work.” In the meantime he’s looking forward to taking up a spot on the Jesus rugby team.

Voting closes this evening, and it’s still anyone’s game. Flo, a second year from Jesus, told The Tab about the current atmosphere in college: ‘I love the cheerful competition that comes from this political playtime. My friends as big dogs! And speeches galore! What a time to be in Jesus!’

The Tab wishes both Dominic and Hazell the best of luck.

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The epic split