Oxford SU Candidate Writes Manifesto In Crayon, Becomes President

“Other Place” left in state of shock as “joke” candidate Louis Trup takes student union presidency.

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Dubbed a joke by many in Oxford, Louis Trup a third year Geographer, won the Student Union Presidential election, in an absolute landslide. Trup a third-year geographer at Brasenose college, won 1,685 first preference votes. His closest rival, Jane Cahill received 975.

VOTING RESULTS (first preference votes):

LJ Trup 1685 votes
Alex Bartram 725
Jane4Change 975
Nathan Aykehurst: 587

Only 20.8% of the student population voted.

Trup ran an unconventional campaign, taking on the ‘OUSU bubble’. His manifesto included a proposal to “eliminate 5th week”, a policy in favour of world peace, and the installation of a monorail service to two far out colleges to get students to lectures.


His “personifesto” was also written in crayon.

Serious politics

Serious politics

Receiving support from parts of the Oxford student media – the Oxford Tab claiming “It’s The Tab Wot Won It” – Trup dominated the discussion, especially towards the end of the campaign.

Though many predicted his victory, it came as a surprise to some, including Trup himself , who was heard shouting “what the fuck just happened?” as the results were called.


Trup’s comfortable win, as well as the very low turn out, suggests that students at The Other Place might be tired of typical student politics.

Some Cantabs  believe the result may have implications closer to home.

A Selwyn Natsci commented: “Maybe people are finally embracing student unions for the joke they are”.

A John’s student mused “”The campaign is almost as laughable as the position he was running for”.

Debates on disaffiliation from CUSU continue at individual colleges, Selwyn stuck with CUSU this weekend but Caius are soon to vote on the same issue.

With a campaign video like this, how could he lose?

[iframe src=”//player.vimeo.com/video/79695138″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>[/iframe]

LJTrup4OUSU4Change from Oliver Sadik on Vimeo.