Run Santa Run!

Merry Bridgemas: run around Cambridge in Santa costumes to raise money for charity!

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Dozens of students dressed as Santa will be running around Cambridge to raise money for the Kenyan Orphanage Project. Have you got the balls to run in a ‘Santa-Kini?’ Do you want to compete in various challenges such as ‘Sexiest Santa?’ Read on.

Around 150 students took part in last year’s Cambridge Santa Dash and this time round organisers want to make it even more outrageous. The event will take place on Sunday 24th November at 1pm outside King’s College and the run itself will be 5 miles in length. We are assured its a ‘slow and beautiful jog’ rather than a race.

Does this look like fun or what?

Does this look like fun or what?

Last year Cambridge competed against the Other Place. This year  they will be competing against Columbia University NYC to see who can raise the most money.

Participants will pay £5 each to go towards KOP,  a UK registered charity committed to supporting the health and education of orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa.

Santa Dash

Tis the season to be jolly: your chance to do some good this term

The Cambridge version of the event was started last year  by post grad Selwynites Sam Gregson and Nathan Boublil, with Sam returning this year to coordinate the event with Clare Henry, also from Selwyn.

When asked about his passion for the event, Sam told The Tab that the Dash ‘showed how the whole of Cambridge could pull together at short notice to raise a large amount of money for a great cause’ and that ‘everyone had a great deal of fun, including us as the organisers’.

Details on how to join can be found on the Facebook page here.