Enter now: Tab Elf on the Shelf competition 2021!

Time to bring your best puns to ALL Cambridge locations

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So, you forgot to get your friend a Bridgemas present

What do you do now??

A Cambridge Christmas Carol

Bah! Humbug!

A Bridgemas Carol

Doing Dickens the Cambridge way

The Best Budget Gifts for Bridgemas

It’s not about the money, money, money (or thoughtfulness)

Everything wrong with Christmas in Cambridge

Bah humbug

Are you too Cambridge for Cambridge?


The best Bridgemas Secret Santa gifts

Stuck on what to get your new friends? We’ve got you covered.

Cambridge things we’d throw on the bonfire

Because, sometimes it can feel like everything’s going up in flames

Has a Caius student written this year’s Christmas number one?

This tune will warm the cockles of your over-worked heart

Run Santa Run!

Merry Bridgemas: run around Cambridge in Santa costumes to raise money for charity!

The Snow Queen: The Footlights Pantomime

TOMMY SHANE has had a crisis of faith in his previous reverence for the Footlights after this not-so-awe-inspiring pantomime.