Not-so-Undercover: Pierce Brosnan spotted around town

Cambridge gets shaken, not stirred, when 007 is spotted in town.

Failing on the espionage front, former James Bond Piers Brosnan has been spotted wandering about the streets of Cambridge.

Not On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Brosnan was here (officially) to shoot his new movie ‘How To Make Love Like An Englishman’, in which he plays a sex crazed Cambridge professor who has to deal with his girlfriend’s unexpected pregnancy.

Sadly not For Your Eyes Only, his appearance has gone viral after Selwyn Post-grad Sam Gregson posted on the ‘Overheard in Cambridge’ Facebook group: ‘”OK it’s Overseen….but… walking across Clare bridge this morning I nearly bump into a well-dressed and handsome older gentleman. I go to make my apologies, he turns and it’s one of my favourite James Bonds Pierce Brosnan”

After being spotted in The Living Daylights, it seemed every Cantab wanted the chance to bond with Bond.

‘It can only be a good thing that Brosnan didn’t have a Licence to Kill, as the sheer number of Can-tabs asking for a piece of Piers must have been wearing!’ said one concerned party.

When asked about how he felt about meeting the star, Sultan Awan, a first year Land Economist, was nothing but positive.

‘He is such a nice down to earth guy. He took time to shake everyone’s hand before the pictures’.

‘I support his new film all the way. In fact, I’ve got his back… I even got to touch his back!’

Filming opposite Jessica Alba and Kristin Scott Thomas, the film is set for a 2014 release. For the less optimistic of us all, it seems that the Sky-’ll-fall-in in before anything this good happens again.