Week Five Reds

MOLLIE WINTLE decides it’s time to banish Week Five Blues once and for all

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Tired of hearing Week Five Blues mentioned everywhere you go? Us too. Nowadays it’s all your friends, supervisors and student newspapers seem to be able to talk about. But is it really possible for a seven day stretch to be so miserable and mono-coloured? We at The Tab think not, and in the name of fun and logic have thus founded Week Five Reds, otherwise known as Ginger Snaps.

Knock yourselves out, Tabs.

Catriona is looking forward to Christmas

Alex is excited to tuck into his mushy peas later

Henry is glad to be able to have rainy nights in with a film

Jess is smiling because her Amazon package has just arrived

This boy is happy that we managed to catch his name when we papped him

Leaf is thrilled at the prospect of not blending into a sofa

Until next time, never forget: you only ever feel as blue as you look.