Make Mark Liu A Millionaire

Former columnist and Tab favourite Mark Liu has created a Youcaring page to fulfil his dream of becoming a millionaire. Donate now!

Make Mark Liu A Millionaire Mark Liu Rollercoaster Tycoon

My name is Mark Liu. I am from the United Kingdom, a child of Chinese parents. I’ve wanted to be a millionaire since I first saw “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” (I didn’t understand rhetorical questions then).

Now, I have the ability to, thanks to this idea of “crowdsurfing”. It’s pretty simple. All we need to do is band together, united by our undying love for me. I just need my one million fans to donate £1 each. I’ll do the rest.

Once I am a millionaire, I’ll have enough money to change the world. It’s impressive what I can do with one million in just Rollercoaster Tycoon; think of what I could do with real money.

Also, after you donate, you can set up your own fundraiser and get a million people to give you £1 each. In the end, we will all become millionaires, and think of how much better society would be; inequality is a terrible thing!

I know this is a big amount to fund in such a short period of time but through faith and your support I know we can do this! If you have any questions please tweet me at @supermarkliu.

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