The End of Life as We Know It?

Cambridge’s “Worst Club”, The Place, set to get revamp in time for Freshers’ Week.

Cambridge Cindies Drinking Kuda Life Luminar new nightclub The Place

The Place Nightclub, known by students as Life, will undergo a radical £75,000 refurbishment. And be renamed Kuda.

The club is set to re-open under its new name on the 24th August, well in time for the start of next term and Freshers’ Week.

The newly refurbished namesake Kuda in York, run by the same company, may hint at what the Cambridge venue will look like. Yes that is a combi-van.

According to the club’s manager, Richard Hill, the previously post-apocalyptic interior design will be completely revamped into a “stylish club that will have the wow factor.

“Not only is our name changing” he continued “but we’ll also have a completely new interior design and the addition of more private booths.”

The new club promises to be marked improvement, with new lighting and sound equipment promised, as well as table service. Reports as to whether the distinctive floral carpet will survive the makeover are, as of yet, unclear.

Life currently resembles a cruise ship disco.

Gregory, a 2nd year Land Economist and Long Island Iced Tea enthusiast, felt it was time to mix things up: “Life is a pretty shit club, so a change is definitely welcome. I just hope they know their place and continue to provide the buy one get one free cocktail deals that act as the cement which holds the club together”

The news comes just weeks after Life was voted Cambridge’s Worst Club by Tab readers:

The project is being led by the Luminar Group who run over 60 clubs throughout the country.

Let The Tab know what you think. Can this turd can be polished, or are they just rolling it in glitter? Will you miss the old club, or is it time for change?