The Perils of Online Shopping

This week we have newcomer DAHABA, who confesses her weakness for online shopping, and the Editors’ picks off online retailers ASOS and YOOX.

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There’s nothing quite like the euphoria you feel when there is a brand new, unopened, shiny parcel waiting patiently for you in the porter’s lodge.

Nothing can dampen that feeling. Not even the fact that, realistically, you will have to compromise on necessary commodities in order to afford your parcels of decadence. No more Taste the Difference orange juice, no more buying friends at Cindies with vast quantities of Jagerbombs.

My weekly ASOS shops used to thrill me. That was until I was forced to carry my backpack to the porter’s lodge in order to avoid the disparaging looks the porters shot when they noticed me approaching the desk. My friends mock me as I dine on bread and water. “It’s not an addiction!” I want to scream, “IT’S 70% OFF – I’M BASICALLY MAKING MONEY!”

It’s okay for them to tease me; my clothes are my identity. They form a protective shield that I hide behind during classes and supervisions. “It’s okay,” I reason with myself as she confidently explains her theories. “Your shoes are nicer than hers.” My supervisor’s sarcastic comments slide off my Chloe bag. I’m fabulous.

Fabulously broke. However much I try to reason with myself, I cannot hide the fact that I, time and time again, fall into the trap of online shopping. Millions of consumers are lured by constant sales and we are often inclined to purchase items of clothing designed for members of the opposite sex just because it was ‘only a fiver’. Convinced that we are saving money, we spend ostentatiously, indulging ourselves beyond belief.

The common rationale is that we will return the goods if they don’t appeal to us in person – why would we keep them if they didn’t fit? Speaking from personal experience, few ever do. The unwanted “not my size”/”not my style”/“not what I expected” items just perch with the elephant in the corner of the room, accumulating dust together with my unopened bank statements.

An extreme example would be my quest for a suitable May Ball dress. An experience most girls, and some boys, can empathise with. We locked eyes. I stared, it shimmered. My eyes flickered to the price tag: £150. For any other piece of material I would have scoffed and marched away. This was different. This was the one. I greedily tore dress after dress from the racks, frantically searching for my size, but to no avail.

Suddenly I thought, “what about eBay!” My heart sank when I saw the going rate with a minimum of just under £400—even I could not justify that. My fingers trembled and I silently thanked Santander’s generous overdraft. Just as I was about to doom my credit rating to hell, our sporadic WiFi decided to take a nap. Divine providence or dodgy Internet provider? Either way, today I am thankful.

SYKE! Of course not, ASOS has got a sale on right now…


Here are some of the editors’ picks from ASOS and YOOX. We’ve found some great deals, and for those of you with more dough in your pocket (and we know you’re out there), we’ve slipped in some cheeky treats.

Joey’s picks

ASOS Skinny Jeans £10ASOS Super Skinny Jeans £12Levis Line 8 Jeans 510 Skinny £32Ben Sherman Saddle Loafers £51Ben Sherman Tassel Loafers £59Drapers of Glastonbury Shearling Slippers £27ASOS Polka Dot Shirt £15ASOS Stripe Oxford Shirt With Button Down collar £14ASOS Cord Shirt £17Selected Long Sleeve Polo Shirt £17ASOS Skinny Fit Suit Jacket in Gingham Check £41ASOS Skinny Fit Suit Trousers in Gingham Check £18

ASOS Denim Jacket With Bleach Wash £20ASOS Bomber Jacket With Acid Wash £20ASOS Double Breasted Tuxedo Suit Jacket £47ASOS Slim Fit Tuxedo Suit Trousers £20

Ioana’s picks

We Are Handsome Traveller Scoop One Piece Swimsuit, £214, Motel Crackle Bodycon Dress, £20ASOS Fringed Suede Leather Jacket, £130

Asos Cat Eye Sunglasses, £10ASOS Half Frame Kitten Round Sunglasses, £12ASOS PORTOBELLO Platforms, £30, ASOS Sheer Stripe Sock, £4ASOS MUSIC Metallic Flat Shoes, £65ASOS HERCULES Heeled Sandals, £45, ASOS MAXWELL Peep Toe Flat Shoes, £45Cheap Monday Stomp Heeled Sandals, £75Cheap Monday Leather Layer Leather Ankle Boot, £135 

Just Female Capetown Dress, £28, Motel Midi Dress, £32American Apparel Polka Dot Scoop Back Dress, £25Vero Moda Mini Skirt With Mesh Overlay, £20

Ana’s picks

MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela Necklace, £44ASOS White Dungaree Skirt, £22Cheap Monday Melinda Dress Exclusive to ASOS, £40Cheap Monday Top, £40ASOS Sleeveless Boyfriend Shirt, £30Antipodium Reflect Shirt, £169Antipodium Kraftwork Dress, £120Antipodium Army of Me Dress, £98

Marc Jacobs ballet flats, £69Marni closed-toe slip-on, £109Palladium high-tops, £34Sneaky Sneakers low-tops, £35ADIDAS SLVR, £69Chloé Sandals, £145

Images by Barney Couch