Kanu believe it? Subbuteo statue On Parker’s Piece

Football’s coming home in the form of a 6ft7 statue of a Subbuteo referee to celebrate the 150th anniversary of football rules.

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Bizarre plans were unveiled today to build a £88,000 Subbuteo referee on Parker’s Piece commemorating the birthplace of the rules of modern football.

The statue will stand 6ft7in high

The statue is being built to memorialise the 150th anniversary of the creation of the modern rules of football. Standing at 6ft 7in, the referee will tower over visitors on the comer of Queen Anne Terrace and Parkside.

The ‘Cambridge Rules’ introduced goal kicks, throw-ins and forward passes, while also banning running whilst holding the ball. Introduced by a student from Trinity College, these rules were used for the first time during a game on Parker’s Piece in 1848.

The Football Association cited the Cambridge Rules as their main influence when drafting the original 13 laws of the associated game in 1863.

The tavern where the FA was formed in 1863

The statue, designed by artist Gordon Young, will represent a referee, in traditional kit, on a plinth engraved with the original rules. Young says he chose the colours because “laws should be black and white”.

The sculpture, still in the consultation period, will be paid for by developer contributions.
The Duke of Cambridge, president of the FA, is to be asked to unveil the artwork, while a special football tournament is to be held for the occasion.

Fitting statue for Sir Alex?