Fur-get Stress: CUSU Hosts Petting Zoo

Bunny bonanza: CUSU Welfare eases exam pains with mid-May petting zoo.

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The CUSU Welfare Service will host a petting zoo for Cambridge students during the notoriously stressful exam period.

He just wants to play with you

This stroke of genius will see Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and many other furry creatures come to Cambridge purely for the purpose of looking and being cute.

Bad hare day? Get yourself down to the GU

Adam Crafton, editor of The Tab’s Sport section, mused: “I don’t like to rabbit on about it too much, but during exam term I do feel a bit like I’m running on burrowed time.

“Sometimes I think it would be nice to paws for a second and have something of a Bunnymoon, so I’m all ears for CUSU’s petting zoo.”

Reports as to whether these particular rabbits will be attending are unconfirmed

The Zoo will be open at the Graduate Union on the 18th May, between 1-5pm.

The event will not charge for entry and it will also offer free carrots refreshments.

The Facebook event page can be found here.