Why are Cambridge students so obsessed with League Tables?

Our obsession with league tables is unproductive and reveals insecurities.

Cambridge sinks in Student Experience Rankings

The university performed awfully in welfare

Cambridge should look after its students, not contribute to their problems

CUSU Presidential candidate KEIR MURISON talks about how we can make Cambridge better for everyone

How to smash the week five blues

Show sadness who’s boss

CLASS LISTS: An open letter to Dr Roger Sewell

The arguments presented by Dr Sewell shows everything that is wrong with Fellows making a decision about class lists.

What to do if you experience mental health issues in Cambridge

There is never no hope.

Queens’ College BANS trying to live near friends in brutal ballot shakeup

Students argue the college is repeatedly ignoring student concerns over the new arrangements.

LET THERE BE LIGHT: City Council hears plea of students

City Council in lightbulb moment

CUSU bans Corpus and Caius from mental health training sessions in ‘vendetta’

Disaffiliated colleges have been forbidden from accessing CUSU’s welfare training and online voting system

‘Whose University?’ backlash: who got it wrong?

 There’s bitter division in the ranks at the Tab Cambridge over that pernicious question: Whose University is it anyway?

‘Whose University?’ have got it all wrong

The ‘WU?’ Campaign is just entitled, brattish foot-stamping, says FRANCESCA RYCRAFT-MOORE

CUSU: Then and Now

Think CUSU is an odd place now? Try the 1990s, say ELOISE DAVIES and DMITRY KIRPICHENKO.

My problem with food

Our author tries to make things better for other sufferers of eating disorders by telling it how it is.

What’s your greatest achievement this year?

Apparently CUSU have been doing something afterall

CUSU: When was the last time you said sorry?

She’s been working FOR YOU all night, and here’s what FLICK OSBORN has to say. Listen up y’all, cos she ain’t sorry.

It’s Time To Cut CUSU Some Slack

Most of us don’t give a fifth of a shit, but TIM SQUIRRELL thinks their work’s worth defending.

The Tab Mental Health Survey: A Response

TIM SQUIRRELL reflects on the results of The Tab’s Mental Health Survey.

Fur-get Stress: CUSU Hosts Petting Zoo

Bunny bonanza: CUSU Welfare eases exam pains with mid-May petting zoo.

Forget Freshers’ Week

HELEN CAHILL tells us why we should keep Freshers’ Week as short as it is.