May Ball Guide 2013

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The May Ball Madness is kicking off.

But you’re going to have to do a bit of legwork to secure that golden ticket. Luckily for you, The Tab is here to help. All the info you need, all in once place.


Friday, 14th June

Robinson May Ball

Theme: The Great Exhibition of 1851.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

Robinson starts off the May Week festivities this year. 

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Saturday, 15th June

Hughes Hall May Ball

Theme: A Red Carpet Affair.

Tickets: £89 (standard), £124 (dining). Available now.

Why not? It’s not too pricey…

Sunday, 16th June

Emmanuel May Ball

Theme: Last Call For London.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

Emma is a classy college – The Tab expects great things.

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Monday, 17th June

Clare May Ball

Theme: Kaleidoscopic.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

Clare is always up against some stiff competition, but has a good track record regardless. Highly recommended if you can get a ticket.

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Jesus May Ball

Theme: Dreamcatcher.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

As one of the most spacious colleges, Jesus is the ideal location for a May Ball. 

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Trinity May Ball

Theme: TBC.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

Take any action necessary to get a ticket to this.

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Tuesday, 18th June

Downing May Ball

Theme: Eastern Odyssey.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

An Eastern Odyssey in a neo-classical setting. What’s not to love?

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Homerton May Ball

Theme: American Dreams.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

With a reasonable ticket price and more casual theme, get tickets to Homerton if you’re looking for a relaxed Mall Ball experience.

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St. John’s May Ball

Theme: Revealed June 18th.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

The one evening of the year on which the chant ‘I’d rather be at Oxford than St. John’s’ doesn’t apply. One of the most hotly anticipated events of May Week.

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Queens’ May Ball

Theme: Centenary May Ball.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

Headliner: Bastille.

There was a bit of a mix-up over tickets, but now everyone in Queens’ has got one. Phew. A ridiculous budget means that this is arguably the most sought after ticket in town this year.

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Wednesday, 19th June

King’s Affair

Theme: The Beast Within.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

It’s the student party of the year, but it is notoriously difficult to get tickets for if you’re not at King’s. Make a friend there fast and nab a last minute ticket.

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Magdalene May Ball

Theme: TBC.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

White tie isn’t for everyone, but the dress-code sets Magdalene apart for anyone wanting to go to the most refined event May Week has to offer. 

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Pembroke May Ball

Theme: The Tempest.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

Headliner: Shields

Not into fancy-dress, but can’t face white tie? Pembroke’s just the ticket. 

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Trinity Hall June Event

Theme: Before I Wake…

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

Has a reputation for getting great entertainment. If you’re looking for fun (but can’t get a King’s ticket), Tit Hall is a safe bet.

Thursday, 20th June

Clare Hall May Ball

Theme: Venetian Masquerade.

Tickets: £69 (non-dining), £99 (dining). Available now.

Friday, 21st June

Corpus Christi May Ball

Theme: Phantasmagoria.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

Small but sweet – get to Corpus for the perfect end to your May Week.

Darwin May Ball

Theme: The Orient Express.

Tickets: £95 (non-dining).

St. Catharine’s June Event

Theme: Post-Apocalypse.

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

The Catz May Ball has been cancelled for the third year running, but a dedicated committee are set to make this one of the best June Events of May Week.

St Edmund’s May Ball

Theme: Midsummer Night: The Summer Solstice.

Tickets: £98 (non-dining), £128 (dining). Available now.

Wolfson June Event

Theme: Wolfstock.

Tickets: £50 (non-dining).

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But if the idea of buying tickets dosn’t take your fancy, read our expert guide on more inventive ways of getting yourself to May Week’s hottest events.