CUAFC: The Crossbar Challenge

SAM HOBBS films CUAFC trying their hand at the Crossbar Challenge. If this doesn’t frighten Oxford, nothing will.

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There are a number of skills that are highly valued in football. Nippy wingers who can beat a man get talked up in post-match analysis. Centre-back with years of experience and know-how get brought in to stave off relegation. And every year we get told more of that wondrous, near-mythical creature, the twenty-goal-a-season striker.

However, there’s one skill that stands out amongst others as having real pertinence: kicking a stationary ball, under no pressure at all, at the crossbar from 50 yards. That’s what really matters, so that’s what we sent the Blues off to do in the build-up to their Varsity game tomorrow evening. See how they got on here:

Camera: Max Toomey

Editing: Sam Hobbs

CUAFC take on Oxford at Selhurst Park on Saturday at 5.30 pm. If you can’t make it to the match, follow The Tab’s LIVE blog with ‘expert’ punditry from Messrs Crafton, Hobbs and Pithers.