Have They Gone Barackers?

Oxford Union say ‘YOLO’ and invite the US President to speak.

The Oxford Union has gone totally Obarmy and invited the US President to speak next term.

A message on their Facebook page read: ‘No harm in trying… #g82013’.

After several large-scale balls-ups last term, notably with crowd-pleasers Julian Assange and Nick Griffin, the Union seems to be attempting to make it all up to members with a showstopping Presidential speech.

Currently on tour in Israel, Obama has been meeting leaders in the Middle East.

But the world’s most powerful man could soon be shaking hands with Union Pres Joe D’Urso in what could well be his most important speech in Europe since Berlin ’08.

Rumours of whether the Oxford Union have accidentally released their April Fools’ joke in late March are unconfirmed.