e-Luminate: In Pictures

A dazzling selection of images from last week’s e-Luminate Festival.

amBX Cambridge david mack e-luminate enlight joanna autumn walker light festival loukas morley polysolar pulsar tom porteous photography

Last week, Cambridge housed its first e-Luminate Festival. The light display, which lasted five days, combined clean technology companies with visual artists in order to exhibit some of the latest technological breakthroughs coming out of Cambridge.

We at The Tab just saw it as a fun opportunity to get some fancy snaps of our beautiful little town. Enjoy.

Think your shots are more impressive than ours? Send them in: [email protected] We’ll add the best ones to the article below.

“Energy, Growth, Movement”: An interactive light installation that celebrates how lighting can be beautiful, simple and still efficient. The work is housed in an “Eco Greenhouse” developed by Polysolar.

Celebrating the potential of clean technology, the West face windows of St Mary’s Church are illuminated with colours found in medieval stained glass. By David Mack, Pulsar and amBX.

Evolving Oblique: A monochrome animation of a shifting virtual landscape by Joanna Autumn Walker.

“New Work”, by renowned local artist Loukas Morley, is shown here in a new light, uner the exciting frontier of street light by Enlight.

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