Cam Sexual Health Services 5th in Rankings

Cambridge comes 5th in rankings of University sexual health services but misses out on top marks.

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Researches from Dr Ed, an online medical service, have compiled a sexual health report card of services at all Russell Group universities. Cambridge has come 5th in the list, the first of its kind.

Criteria which were included in the report were opening hours of sexual health services, the availability of drop in sessions, ease of access to contraception and the quality of information available both in person and online.

Nottingham University came out on top, whilst King’s, Bristol and York all beat Cambridge. Cambridge just missed out on a ‘First’ with a 2.1 for its services, with a D for ‘Drop ins or Bookings’ and an F for ‘Special Events and Testing.’

Anatole Menon-Johansson, Clinical Director at Brook, The Young People’s Sexual Health Charity has said: ‘I think developing a comprehensive scorecard will be a useful way to improve quality in sexual and reproductive health services for students across the UK.’

Amit Khutti, the co-founder of Dr Ed, has said that the survey was inspired by a similar campaign in the US. The US survey, sponsored by Trojan, a condom manufacturer, has been successful in improving services, and it is hoped that the UK project will have a similar effect.

Dr. Ed used information from student welfare officers, as well as ‘mystery shoppers’ testing services to create the rankings.

A concern for Dr. Ed was the ‘postcode lottery’ which was discovered regarding sexual health services. In some areas, if students live outside the University’s catchment area for campus facilities, they are told to visit their local GUM clinic.

Cambridge’s sexual health services have just missed top marks…

William, a first year lawyer, told The Tab: ‘I’m disappointed that Cambridge has missed out on a First, obviously, but nonetheless I think our sexual health services do us proud.’

Annabel, a fresher English student said: ‘I don’t think it’s fair judge Cambridge against the same standards as other Unis because of the prevalence of college welfare. College welfare officers do a great job – they deserve top marks.’