Jailbreak 2013: As It Happened

Time’s up! Cambridge RAG Jailbreak 2013 has come to a close. But where did all the teams end up? Relive the highlights here.

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Time is up! Teams are starting the long road back to Cambridge where they will return as heroes – at least until their supervisors see them.

The snow may be melting here, but many of our intrepid explorers have been met with blizzards. Team 19 will steal the limelight, and rightly so, as they appear to have become the first team ever to reach Sydney, Australia on a Jailbreak mission without any pre-planning.

Alice and Wei struck gold, as a corporate firm decided to send them to Australia as part of a PR campaign for corporate responsibility. The pair will be on their way home later today.

Team 19 arrive in Sydney, Australia.

Other notable performances included Team 108, who spent yesterday gallivanting around New York City, and Team 109, who bagged a flight to Hong Kong.

Team 178, although elusive on the Jailbreak map, are said to have reached Bangkok, whilst Team 66 have hit Dubai.

Several teams ended proceedings in Europe: Spain, France, Germany, Holland and Sweden were all popular destinations for our brave journeymen and women.

Whilst Team 169 were in a 4* hotel singing their own version of Call Me Maybe, and Team 155 were in a hotel in Turin once frequented by Mozart, a dream team of six was formed in Dover. Three of them were forced to huddle round a baby changing room hand dryer for warmth; toilet paper was stuffed in shoes and an epic game of eye spy was played.

When The Tab last heard from them, they were heading to Amsterdam for a well-deserved night on the town, along with a handful of other Jailbreak teams.

Teams have done everything possible to pick up funds, from street-side serenades with a miniature keyboard to humping lamp-posts and, in the case of Team 70, agreeing that Macmillan eats babies – all in order to secure a precious donation.

We must not forget our valiant cyclists. Team 95 were amongst the first to text in, already having technical difficulties and “chilly as balls.” Team 9 somehow managed to survive the cold and “still fucking love cycling.” Both were plagued with mechanical problems but fought bravely on in the face of adversity.

Meanwhile, those at Jailbreak HQ have: confused the Domino’s man for a Jaibreaker and demanded to know why he’d not got further, worked out how many camels/goats they’re all worth, and may or may not have got a blood diamond ‘this big’ from South Africa. They’re all very, very tired.

Map of Europe at the close of play.

Here are some of our favourite updates from the teams on the ground:

Team 47: “Just two of thousands of pilgrims. But it was EasyJet that brought us here, not God.”

Team 145: While at the Bank of England, “checking down the back of the sofa.”

Team 134: “Managed to hitch a ride with Leo, who has spent most of the journey with his hands off the wheel, trying to convey fragmented English phrases to us. Don’t worry, Leo, we love it when the car swerves across three lanes! Nah, but seriously. Good guy. Cheers, Leo!”

Team 117: “Hitching a lift with a group of pensioners from Swansea on a tobacco-buying mission, genuinely just heard one of them use the phrase ‘in the valleys’. Everything else is a bonus from here.”

Team 145: “Had the map upside-down. Not south of equator. Shout out to my fellow

Team 33: “Chilling in massage chairs. Going for massages over miles.”

Team 127: “Arrived in a pimp mobile – speeding doesn’t even begin to describe what we just did.”

Team 7: “Goth in a soviet uniform offered us no money, but half his soul.”

Team 115: “Hitching on a coach to Canterbury!! Unanimous vote by the passengers to let us on.”

Team 103: “Hollister model (hench guy) dominated by Henry Rose in a press up
competition in NYC Hollister super store.”