Camshots: Cold Snap Chic

Kicking off Lent 2013, TAB FASHION went out in search of the best of Cambridge wintertime style.

big freeze camshots chic cold snap fashion fur layering statement piece tabfashion winter

With the worst of the country-wide freeze still ahead of us, Cambridge students are busting out their warm (and fashionable) winter garb, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality.

Julian Ooi – 1st year classicist, Peterhouse

Julian proves that classic style will never go out of fashion, and that solid layering will take you a long way (it’s not just for girls, boys). The pop of colour from the waistcoat and the watch chain are the finishing touch.

Sidhbh O’Sullivan – 2nd year English, Girton

Layering is an absolute must for achieving winter chic, and Sidhbh’s got it down to a T. The contrast of textures and silhouettes show that you don’t need loud colours to stand out – when in doubt, go for grey and black. Always a good choice.

Victoria Gramm – 3rd year art historian, Girton

Another Girtonite fashionista, another way of doing big freeze fabulous. As much as we love layering, sometimes it’s all about the one statement piece. This coat is a winner, and Victoria’s wisely decided not to upstage it with her other pieces. Remember children, sometimes a flipped collar can make all the difference.

Felix Nugee – 2nd year economist, Pembroke

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: layering is a must (plus it’s easy). Added bonus if you, like The Tab‘s very own Debate Editor Felix, can find a great patterned shirt as one of your basic layers (his is from Urban Outfitters).

Stephanie Marmion – 1st year art historian, Downing

The Art History faculty seems to have it all figured out fashion-wise, with Stephanie being keyed in to a wintertime classic: fur. No matter what colour, shape or form, fur epitomises a happy marriage between eye-catching style and cold-preventing pragmatism. There’s no excuse for the conscientious among us; faux’s fabulous too.

Viola Crellin – 3rd year art historian, Trinity

Comfortable fashion for the art historian (of course) on the go, with individual colours combining into a harmonious but playful whole, this look shows we shouldn’t be afraid to go bold if it feels right. Should you feel like indulging in your geeky side, the sweater is  from Topshop.

All photos by Helena Izett.