Little Show Peep: Week 8

What better way to celebrate Bridgemas than by flocking theatre-wards? Although, you won’t find much festive cheer if you spend the evening with ‘Coriolanus’, ‘Molly’ or ‘Rum and Vodka’…

24 hour plays coriolanus Corpus Playroom little show peep molly Post rum and vodka she stoops to conquer

CORIOLANUS – Tue 27 November – Sat 1 December

Killing machine Coriolanus is a battle extraordinaire, but that’s not enough for the pushy Volumnia – a mother so obsessed by her son’s victories that she’s counted the scars on his body. He may be unbeatable in battle, but what happens when Coriolanus rebels against his mother? This is a superb play – and not only because it contains one of Shakespeare’s most insidious female characters.

Corpus Playroom, 7pm, £5/6


MOLLY – Tue 27 November – Sat 1 December

Molly is perfectly contented to exist in a world in which the men around her constantly mistreat her. Or at least she thinks she’s contented. Her subconscious thinks otherwise… and she can’t keep it locked up for much longer. This calls itself a fusion of ‘dance, power-struggles and humour.’ If your subconscious likes the sound of it, go along.

Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm, £5/6


This promises a cheeky take on all the classic Yule hits – providing a ‘festive makeover’, no less. If Christmas ditties make you merry and you like music related jokes, you should definitely give a flock.

ADC, 11pm, £5/6

SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER – 27th-29th November

An ‘almost farce’ first staged in 1773, brought to you by The Mighty Players. When the wealthy Kate Hardcastle realises her potential husband Charles Marlowe can only woo her if he thinks she’s lower class – he’s uncomfortable around the upper class – she disguises herself as a barmaid. This has been popular for over two hundred years, so it must be doing something right…

Newnham Old Labs, 7.30pm, £5

POST – Wed 28 November – Sat 1 December

Post is in the air at this time of year, but it’s also on the stage. Written by the Footlights president, Post is a new tragicomedy centering on a postman called Terry. It could go anywhere.

ADC, 11pm, £4/6