24 hour plays

The 24 Hour Plays

They’re not perfect, but INDIA MATHARU-DALEY is nonetheless impressed (and bemused) by this year’s short-and-sweet offerings.

The 24 Hour Plays

On Sunday night, five groups of Cambridge students were given the task of coming up with a play they’d perform 24 hours later at the ADC. ABI BENNETT explains the results – ‘chaotic’, ‘shambolic’, and occasionally ‘fantastic’.

Little Show Peep: Week 8

What better way to celebrate Bridgemas than by flocking theatre-wards? Although, you won’t find much festive cheer if you spend the evening with ‘Coriolanus’, ‘Molly’ or ‘Rum and Vodka’…

The 24 Hour Plays 2011

Five plays, five directors, five writers, five producers, five designers, five groups of five actors, but only one ANNA ISAAC.

The 24 Hour Plays

TOBY PARKER REES breaks it down for you nice and smooth. Impressively this review took fewer than 24 hours to write.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 8

TOBY PARKER REES fervently believes that you are either a scumbag, a maggot, a cheap lousy faggot or all of the above. The week’s theatre may crop up intermittently.

Soundtrack to Your Life

LEO PARKER REES: ‘Very probably talented writers… But they have miles to go before they sleep contentedly on a pillow of my approval.’