Cambridge’s Biggest Names: Part 2

Taking your emails and comments into consideration, we have drawn up a shortlist. Now it’s time to have your say!

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Welcome back to The Tab’s quest to find the ultimate Cambridge BNOC.

Last week you stampeded our comments section, and emailed in your droves, to make sure your biggest names were nominated. Now, having assessed your nominations, and put them to our prestigious and secret BNOC panel, we have come up with 100 of Cambridge’s Biggest Names.

But that’s not enough. A top 100 doesn’t tell us who that ultimate, number 1, Biggest Name in Cambridge is. So we return to you, our dear readers, to provide us with the answer.

Follow this link, name as many of those on the list as you can, using the clues if you need them, and help us find out who is the most known name in Cambridge.

To get you even more excited, we’re giving away prizes to the first 5 people who are able to get all 100 (and send us a screenshot to prove it!).

Now, dear reader, you may be about to contest our decisions, so let me explain our criteria.  Firstly, we know that you won’t all agree with everone, but we hope this list covers most bases.

A BNOC is someone who everyone, or at least a lot of people, knows. Mostly, this is because they’ve done, or do, something significant – a sporting blue, a thesp, CUSU or CUCA, the majority of our list are known by what they do. We’ve tried to list them by their ‘most known’ aspect, but  even we can make mistakes.

Sometimes, however, a person comes along, who seems to know everyone. In this case we’ve given them the label man/woman about town.

As a final criterion, all current members of The Tab‘s editorial team were excluded from the list. We know that we are the 20 biggest names in Cambridge, but that’s not what this is all about…