Ever wondered who the Biggest Name in Cambridge is? Well we have. And now, with your help, we’re going to find them!

big name BNOC Cambridge competition drinking society social experiment

Like it or loathe it, BNOC culture is here to stay.

Here at The Tab we want to push this phenomenon a little further, via some casual social engineering. We want to find the biggest name in Cambridge, as chosen by our readers.

So where will we find our Biggest NOC? Will they be out on the sports pitch, on the stage, or in a ball of sweat on a Cambridge club dance floor? Nobody knows. Maybe nobody has even heard of our biggest name. But we doubt it.

Either way, we want YOU, our readers, to point us in the right direction.

We need all of you to comment below, or drop an email to [email protected] with your nominations. Whether you are genuinely in awe of this person’s big name status, or if you just want to embarrass them on a large scale, send in your nominations for Cambridge’s biggest name.

Tell us their name, college and reason for being so famous/ infamous (e.g. theatre, drinking soc lad, all-purpose twat). Then we’ll draw up a shortlist and let you, our dear readers, decide.

The eventual winner will adopt the illustrious title of TBNIC (The Biggest Name In Cambridge) and will likely have any prospective career totally ruined by becoming a media sensation.

This is phase one of The Tab’s little social experiment. The details of phase two will become available next week. Stay tuned.

Happy voting!