Guide To: Halloween In Cambridge

CHRISTINA SWEENEY-BAIRD sees what Cambridge has to offer in the way of Halloween activities.

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The middle of Michaelmas is upon us and we are all in danger of drowning in work. Go out and wring every last drop of themed fun out of a student’s favourite holiday: Halloween.

Get your best (let’s face it, sluttiest) costume on and head out to one of the many themed nights Cambridge has to offer. The Tab’s Halloween Guide is here to let you know what’s what.

Halloween Special at Fez

Time: 10pm-3am 31st October

Place: Fez Club

Tickets: £3 before 11pm, £5 after 11pm

The Tab says: Recommended if you’re planning on going all out for Halloween…costumes, themed drinks (how often are you gonna be able to ask for a pumpkin cocktail and not look like a total dick?!) and Michael Jackson-fuelled dance floors.

The Fountain Inn

Time: 10pm-3am

Place: The Fountain Inn

Tickets: N/A

The Tab says: Perfect if you want to go ‘out’ and the college bar seems a bit underwhelming. Guarantees a slightly more sophisticated Halloween, without the tequila shots or stumbling home, zombie bridal garb in tow.

Halloween Punting

Time: 6pm-9pm every night until 31st October

Place: Mill Lane Station

Tickets: £17.00 for students

The Tab says: If you’re a fresher and haven’t been punting yet, Halloween is the perfect excuse to complete this appallingly touristy rite of passage. Actors are strategically positioned along the Cam to cause maximum terror – nothing a couple of pre-drinks beforehand won’t solve.

Darth Maul makes an honorary Halloween appearance…

Zippo’s Circus Halloween Extravaganza

Time: 3pm and 7pm 28th October – 30th October

Place: Midsummer Common

Tickets: £8-£16 online

The Tab says: Miss being a kid on Halloween? Too old for trick-or-treating? Relive your childhood with Zippo’s Circus, which is in town with a Halloween themed special. Expect clowns, acrobats, fire-jugglers etc. Voted Britain’s best circus, dontcha know.

Experience the magic within

Halloween at Home

If dressing up and looking like a tit isn’t your thing, you can still get in the spirit of things (and avoid work) in the privacy – or if you’re in a small college, total lack thereof – of your own home.

Pumpkins: Sainsbury’s has them for £1.50, or if you’re really getting into the Halloween spirit, splash out on a monster pumpkin for £3. Give the carving a go but DO NOT pumpkin-carve when drunk. This will end badly. For you and the pumpkin.

Drink: ‘A’ for effort if you attempt any of these. An empty college on Halloween is perhaps the perfect time to woo (read: seduce) that porter you’ve fancied for ages. Try these on for size.

‘Vampire’s Kiss’ (It looks a bit like blood. Kinda.)

1 pt vodka

1 pt raspberry liqueur

2 pts blood orange juice

2 tsp grenadine

This one’ll get you morbidly drunk

‘Brain Haemorrhage’ – a Halloween shot. Brain in a cup…tasty.

1 shot Peach schnapps

1 Shot Irish cream liqueur

1 tsp grenadine

Music: The perfect songs to help you forget (or recreate) the Cindies playlist, ranging from tasteful to tragic.

I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Ramalama Bang Bang by Roisin

Full Moon by The Black Ghosts

Highway To Hell by AC/DC

A Nightmare On My Street by D.J. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

Monster by The Automatic