Guide To: Halloween In Cambridge

CHRISTINA SWEENEY-BAIRD sees what Cambridge has to offer in the way of Halloween activities.


TOM ELLIS finds an una-bash-edly dark and gooey set of playlets at the Corpus Playroom.


If you put the word paedophile in this box, will people click on it? BASIL FRANCIS is going to find out.

Safe House

OSMAN RIAZ thinks this movie is like popcorn: unfulfilling and noisy, but still compulsive.

Man on a Ledge

SHAUN LU considers whether to apply the word ‘ledgendary’ to this film. That’s not a typo, it’s an awesome pun.

The Debt

JONATHAN SENIOR reviews Nazi-hunting kick-ass Mossad movie starring Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington.

Celebs Film In Cambridge

Rachel Weisz and Bill Nighy were filming a spy thriller in Cambridge yesterday.

Tab Interview: Imogen Heap

TABATHA LEGGETT talks to the queen of social media IMOGEN HEAP about, amongst other things, wireless routers in knickers.


QUENTIN BEROUD finds that thinking inside the box can make for tense, exhilarating thrillers.