Archbishop of Banterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury is ditching the C of E to become the next Master of Magdalene.

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The Archbishop of Canterbury is ditching his cathedral to be the new Master of Magdalene College.

The Church of England boss will hang up his fancy hat and settle down in Cam at the start of next year. After a decade guarding the souls of a nation, Williams has finally acquired the necessary skills to keep pace with Magdalene.

A vision of the future

Williams, appropriately a Christ’s alumnus, confessed that leaving “has not been an easy decision” but that he’s looking forward to leading  “such a lively and intellectually rigorous community.”

Kitchen queen and Magdalene MML student Leaf Arbuthnot told The Tab “I’m psyched. The guy’s bloody charismatic and apparently quite witty – he will be welcome at Magdalene.”

Magdalene student Hugo Cobb told The Tab “Duncan Robinson [current master] is an absolute champion and will be massively missed – I hope Rowan Williams can live up to the job.”

John Sentamu, Selwyn Alumnus and current Archbishop of York, is tipped to replace Williams in the top spot. Tensions high up in the church over their stance on gay marriage pre-empted Williams’ move – an issue over which Selwyn challenged Sentamu recently in an open letter.

The Tab were unable to confirm rumours of Rowan’s planned attendance at the annual Wyverns’ garden party.