How to bullshit your way through a job interview

All of your failures are just character-building

Top sites for getting a job

IT correspondant, PIPPA CALVIN, divulges her pretty fucking awesome tips for landing a decent job.

Get A Movie On

It’s dark, it’s rainy and the future is anything but orange. With no inspiration, it’s hard to see a career forming ahead of us. So we sent JAMES MITCHELL to collect some movie inspiration for our shaky career prospects.

The Riviera Tutor

LAURIE COLDWELL sneaks back online with a tale of streets paved with sun-soaked, BA Cantab gold.

Archbishop of Banterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury is ditching the C of E to become the next Master of Magdalene.

Capello’s Successor Is In For A Rough Ride

FREDDY POWELL on the England succession.

Capello Makes A Case For Common Sense

Fabio Capello has had enough, and TOM TRYON sympathises with the Italian.

There’s No Point Stressing About Graduation

LVJ on why internships are pointless and we should all just relax.

Louise Ripley-Duggan

LOUISE RIPLEY-DUGGAN does not want to be a real person with real ambitions and a real job. Ever.

Batty Bloke Blows Job

Following a strange report of sexual harassment, RACHEL CUNLIFFE explores the murky world of gender inequality.

Debate: Are we Over-Examined?

LIZ ELDER and JUAN ZOBER DE FRANCISCO question whether we are an over-examined generation.

Life Begins at 21?

JAMES WAN wonders if life outside the bubble is all it’s cracked up to be.

Stress and the City

LUCY ALDOUS confronts her stress about life after Cambridge, and asks, was it all worth it?

The Cambridge Curse

Getting stressed out about careers and having to sort the rest of your life out? AMY CARTER on facing the future, and how to deal with it now.