Music For Loving

MEGAN KENNEDY provides a sonic option for every type of lover this Valentine’s Day.

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It doesn’t matter who you’re chasing this Valentine’s Day, there’s a song to suit all your needs:

The Scientist



Royksopp feat. Robyn- The Girl and the Robot

The life of a science student may be hard, but the life of someone in love with a science student is infinitely more difficult. All those hours away at labs, all those unintelligible conversations about matters beyond GCSE Maths… and most annoying of all, all that time-consuming work they do. The angst of Robyn’s vocals when she admits she’s ‘so alone’ can only be truly replicated by someone who has fallen for a particularly distant CompSci. ‘There’s no way I can help you out/You don’t know what it’s all about’ mirrors the icy rebuke of the lover who’s just discovered her web browser of choice is Internet Explorer.

The Arts Student



White Lies- To Lose My Life

Alternatively, the stereotypical arts student is unafraid of expressing how they feel, whether via their faux-weather-beaten poetry book or their excruciatingly intimate Facebook status updates.  So forget the intricacies of iambic pentameter and subtlety of internal eye-rhymes; writing clunking couplets of ‘A desperate fear flows through my blood/That our dead love’s buried beneath the mud’ standard across your Tumblr page (Helvetica font, naturally) will be more than enough to win over that English student you’ve had your eye on.

The Luvvie



Cat’s Eyes- The Best Person I Know

It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd when it comes to adoring somebody who already knows they’ve secured a place in your heart. Say it with superlatives. This song by Cat’s Eyes is so sweet to the point of being sickly that it is bound to massage even the most inflated of egos. Heckling lines such as ‘There’s no-one else I like as much as you’- preferably in a tender falsetto- at your favourite actor during their crucial soliloquy at the ADC Late Show would most likely capture the attention you crave from them.

The Bromance



Metronomy- Heartbreaker

To most of us outsiders, the true emotions of a Lad are often hidden behind a veil of ‘epic banter’ (ugh). However, deep down they are capable of deep affection, particularly for their Lad brethren. ‘Heartbreaker’, one of the best love songs of recent years, takes the viewpoint of ‘the other man’- the best friend who has to pick up the pieces when a girl (/sworn enemy) gets in the way and ruins everything, including the Lad relationship. Next time you’re out and some lurking stranger sidles up to you, glance up and feel the burn of their wing-man’s jealous glare. Just accept it there and then- you will never get in the way of that relationship, no matter how hard you try.

The Grim Reality



James Yuill- On Your Own

Your RAG Blind Date wasn’t the crazed sex fiend that their form subtly implied, you’ve just walked away from your pigeonhole card-less and your date for the evening is the essay you’ve been studiously avoiding all week. Let James Yuill remind you. Repeatedly.