Snowy Guide Dog: Week 3

All this snow is making THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG act a bit funny.

Charlie Parham charlotte hamblin Corpus Smoker fo show machine of death oleanna Snow snowy the canterbury tales theatre guide dog through the pinhole week 3

My ironically hole-ridden Cambridge-chic dog-coat has left me in a shrieking-brass-monkey level of chill, but SO WHAT I say.

As I fetch my champagne down from the window-sill, the delightfully provincial sounds of Cantabrigians hurling fistfuls of filthy snow at each other outside Sainsbury’s waft through. I find myself inspired in spite of myself by this enthusiastic forsaking of their usual supposedly intellectually rigorous activities. Perhaps, just perhaps, the famously chilly canine heart has been melted to the gooey consistency of an Eliza Doolittle number. Happy Snow Day, you plebs.

The Fo’ Show – 6th February only

I’ve never heard of this CamFM comedy panel, but HEY JOKES IN A PUB so if it’s not funny you can just drink until it is instead of being trapped an exasperating ten metres away from the bar in the ADC theatre!

The Maypole, 7pm

Corpus Smoker – 6th February only

More comedians. IN A THEATRE if you want to be cultured. (Handy Hint: The Footlights’ Tour auditions are happening this weekend. Whether this means an increase or a distinct lack of comedy this coming week, you decide.)

Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm £5-6

Oleanna – 7th-11th February

Charlie Hamblin! Charlie Parham! Charlie²! Sexual harassment in education? Relevant relevant RELEVANT.

Corpus Playroom, 7pm £5-6

The Canterbury Tales – 7th-11th February

Education AND entertainment meet again. If you couldn’t be fucked to read Chaucer properly as I, too bad! Because this is in modernised verse, so your supervisor won’t remain fooled. But oh well there’s lot of bum jokes.

ADC, 7.45pm £6-10

Machine of Death – 7th-11th February

DEATH and FUNNINESS meet in a highly innovative combination. Gosh darn, there’s a lot of comedy about this week, isn’t there? LOTS TO BE HAPPY ABOUT.

Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm £5-6

Through the Pinhole – 8th February only

Spare a thought amongst your snowball-fighting and snowman-building for those without a home and a mug of cocoa to return to in this weather. FLACK, the Cambridge homeless charity, is hosting a cabaret to raise funds this week. Go, you heartless bourgeois CUNT.

Guildhall, 7.30pm £4-£8

Bereavement: The Musical – 8th-11th February

Personal tragedy in the form of song and dance? It can only mean one thing – Jeff Carpenter is back in town. HUZZAH!

ADC, 11pm £4-6