More Homerton Havoc On Uni Challenge

Claims of foul play, the emergence of a sex symbol, and a decent walloping made this week’s episode of University Challenge more exciting than most.

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Allegations of unfairness, the emergence of a sex symbol, and a decent walloping made this week’s episode of University Challenge more exciting than most.

Lucky losers Homerton returned after their flag fuck up in Round 1 to take on the university which claims to be the third Oxbridge (Durham).

The game was eventful, with highlights including Paxo using the word ‘wanky’ on the show and a comprehensive victory for the Light Blues.

Homerton emerged as winners by 55 points over their north-eastern rivals to once again demonstrate the ‘Doxbridge Myth’.

Jack Euseden, a member of the winning team, told The Tab: “Victory is sweet. There was a great turnout in the bar, and the (at times nailbiting) score had everyone on the edge of their seats until the gong.”

The winners loving life

But the show was rocked yesterday by claims that Paxman unfairly favours Cambridge teams.

Writers on the BBC message boards slammed the Catz old boy for being too smug when our teams win, and for giving Tabs longer to answer questions than other teams. Both claims have been laughed away by many.

Christian Seiersen, a History student at St Johns, Durham, told The Tab: “Far be it from me to criticise an academic totem of our generation but I haven’t seen so much bias since Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book hit the bestseller’s list. You have to wonder if the University League tables are composed in similar fashion.”

Euseden didn’t seem perturbed by the claims however, and was keen to look ahead in the competition. He singled out Newcastle as big contenders, admitting: “I would say they are incredibly strong this year, particularly Turner. She’s definitely Guttenplan-like. Still not a patch on Grinyer, however.”

But it’s Euesden who has taken on the Guttenplan mantle of becoming the unlikely sex symbol for the team. Girls flooded Twitter with comments about the Homerton lad while the show aired on Monday.

Top of the tweets: Euesden’s adoring fanclub

Meanwhile, other colleges have been working their way through the competition with less commotion.

Pembroke beat St. Anne’s College (The Other Place) by a staggering 205 points to 140 and Clare did us proud against Worcester College (T.O.P) in a close round of 190-180 in the first round, followed by a thrashing defeat of Leeds in the second round a final score of 325 points to 65.