OSCAR WILLIAMS-GRUT gives the gym a go an enjoys its mix of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, saunas and free towels.

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Let’s start with the complementary towels. When I first saw these advertised as a main selling point for The Glassworks Gym and Spa, I was not impressed. Complementary towels, big whoop! I’ve got my own towels, who needs old towels? But after going, you realised that the towels are just one of many small details that make Glassworks such a great gym.

The gym itself is a single room with the standard cardio equipment – running machines, bikes etc etc – as well as a free weights area and some weight machines. On the surface it doesn’t offer anything my college gym doesn’t, just more of it. But it’s the details that makes it worth it.

The gym itself is a beautiful high-ceilinged room with sparse brick walls, and ventilation that puts my boxy college gym to shame. And I am lucky to say I’ve got a college gym. The space means the equipment is laid out so you’re not jammed against a wall or squeezed between two other sweaty gym-goers, another plus. The equipment also all points to my favourite feature of the gym: the TVs.

Like a most Cantabs, I spend my time isolated from the simple pleasures of a Fresh Prince of Bel Air double bill on Viva, or watching Rihanna shake her ample booty on 4Music. Glassworks adresses this serious problem, letting you plug into a little machine to listen to one of 3 tellies. Let’s be honest, the gym can be pretty boring sometimes, and the TV lessens the monotony. The urge to find out how Will and Carlton get out of their latest scrape or who makes it to number one also gives you the incentive to keep going that little bit longer.

But the gym (and TVs) aren’t what make Glassworks special. It does the gym well, but it’s nothing groundbreaking. What makes it special is the spa area. Once you’ve finished your workout you can head over to the spa to enjoy a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. Again, it’s the detailing here that makes it so enjoyable. The sauna is decked out completely in wood, mimicking an authentic swedish hot house. It’s a rare chance to at least trick yourself into thinking you’ve escaped “the bubble”.

It’s not the perfect gym; it could have a pool and more equipment for instance. But the organisers have done the best possible with the space provided: a pool no bigger than a bedroom would have looked silly. Any drawbacks are made up for by the sense of indulgence and luxury that pervades the whole place. After all, they even have complementary towels.

To find out more about Glassworks have a look at the website here

To join for only £35.50 a month see Tab Offers here