Running around Cambridge

In a sporty way not a panic way

Cambridge tops Good University Guide 2018

For the fifth year running

Tab Guide to Exam-term jogging

Runs to try in Exam Term

GEORGE RAMSAY shows you the route out of your library blues and your new chocolate addiction.

The Gherkin: Spotted in Cambridge

PHD student Seb Falk is running the London Marathon in unusual fancy dress. ED SMITH finds out more.

Tab Tries: SantaCon

Enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two? Take pleasure in dressing as Father Christmas? Revel in a crowd of strangers combining the two? Join SOPHIA VAHDATI who tried out SantaCon, the festive, wholesome answer to the Slut Walk.

CUAC Hit The Olympic Stadium

Cambridge Athletes gave other unis a run for their money at the BUCS Olympic Stadium.

Life After Cambridge: Part Three

IZZY PRITCHARD gives you a final look at post-graduate life. This time, she discusses her puppies and her breasts. They’re different things.


OSCAR WILLIAMS-GRUT gives the gym a go an enjoys its mix of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, saunas and free towels.

Good Sport: Laura Plant

5 Minutes with Jenson Button

After competing in the London Triathlon, Jenson Button caught up with The Tab.


ADRIAN PASCU-TULBURE is truly awed by those who can run the Marathon, though he’d rather be in the pub.

James Kelly’s Marathon Blog

Once upon a time, not long ago, a Viking conquered the world..

Hare and Hounds Outfoxed by Oxford

Follow the Tab’s coverage of the Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country Varsity Matches here

I’m a Virgo, and I Run in the Rain

JAMES KELLEY’s marathon blog: “A typical week in the peak of marathon preparation totals to 150 miles”

Anyone can Run 20 Miles. It’s the Next Six that Count.

JAMES KELLY’s marathon blog: “if every stride averages one metre, and the race is 42.195km long, he or she will have to take 42,195 steps”

A Good Idea At The Time?

JAMES KELLY’s marathon blog: “as each passing mile accumulates, the distance to the finish doesn’t seem to decrease at all”