Selwyn grads vote to REJECT women’s hour in gym after claims it would amount to “segregation”

The result comes after a claim of a “specific case of sexual harassment that happened in the gym”.

Elly Booth: Week 1

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the scene ELLY BOOTH. She loves the gym, she loves the Spice Girls, and she has difficulty showering…

Pec-tacular Damon and Clooney work out in Cambridge gym

Hollywood megastars Clooney and Damon took to Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre to pump some iron earlier this week.


OSCAR WILLIAMS-GRUT gives the gym a go an enjoys its mix of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, saunas and free towels.

Resolution Next Year

EMILY GARSIDE walked through the doors of her local gym on the 2nd of January, and heard the slim blonde receptionist turn to her colleague and say: ‘Give it two weeks before they all give up’.