Chelsea Bunanza as Fitzbillies Finally Returns

Fitzbillies reopens its doors today for a Chelsea Bun Weekend, after a long absence from Cambridge life.

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Fitzbillies is open for business today.

Six months after its shock closure, Fitzbillies‘ famous Chelsea buns will once again bring delight to the people of Cambridge.

The restaurant will not re-open fully until the Bank Holiday Weekend, but it’s holding a Chelsea Bun Weekend “to do something special to say thanks to Cambridge for welcoming us.”

The menu will be reduced this weekend to a core selection of cakes and drinks, with the signature buns taking centre-stage.


Fitzbillies were ready for action this morning

Following the closure in February, the fate of the much-loved bakery hung in the balance, and the news was greeted with dismay from a large number of students and alumni. They even created a SAVE FITZBILLIES Facebook campaign with almost 500 members.

But in May, Pembroke College announced that Guardian food writer Tim Hayward and his wife Alison Wright had taken over Fitzbillies. The bakery has been in the process of refurbishment ever since, and has finally reopened its doors to the hungry world, now tastefully tiled in traditional Cambridge Blue.

Cambridge celebrity and MPhil student Juan de Francisco told The Tab: “If I weren’t going to an Egyptian-themed beach party on the Med tonight, I would give my right nut to be there for the opening.”