Lily Cole Bags Double First

Everyone’s favourite celebrity Cantab Lily Cole has managed to score a stunning double first in History of Art.

ADC first Graduate History of Art Jude Law King's Lily Cole

In between juggling international modelling, a budding acting career, and a lively love life, Lily Cole has managed to bag a DOUBLE FIRST.

Brainy beauty Cole was one of only 11 History of Art students to achieve the highest possible class, despite pursuing more ‘extra-curriculas’ than most Cantabs put together.

In the past year alone, the model-turned-actress stole the show as Nina in The Seagull at the ADC, graced our TV screens as the Siren in an aquatic episode of Dr Who, broke up with long-term boyfriend, actor Enrique Marciano, and (rumour has it) hooked up for a second time with Jude Law.

Bewildered students across the university are wondering just how Cole managed her crazy workload, let alone find time to live a normal student life.

It would seem her experience was anything but ‘normal’. Technically a member of King’s, she commuted to Cambridge each day from her £1 million apartment near Kings Cross station. And while most headed to Cindies to party after exams, Cole celebrated in notorious London club, The Box.

But, according to a friend, right now Lily is like any other student delighted by their exam results. She ‘has been smiling ever since she heard the news’ and is planning a holiday in celebration.

Yet academic success is not enough for the 23 year old it seems, nor is her achievements as an internationally renowned model, working for the likes of Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Alexander McQueen.

Speaking to Elle Canada, Lily remarked: “I’ve been doing modelling for years and I feel I’ve taken out of it what I need to… I’m ready for new things.”

Amongst those new things is a part in the upcoming film Snow White and The Huntsman, to be released in 2012, alongside Sam Spruell, Kristen Stuart, and Charlize Theron.

It seems double first or no double first, Cole won’t be ditching her celebrity lifestyle to pursue a career in art curation any time soon. Stage and screen are apparently more attractive than Sisley and Stubbs.