Assange Avoids Leaks

Julian Assange insists on a media blackout on his talk today.

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Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, has requested that his talk at the Union today take place behind a media blackout.

The elusive Aussie, who is facing extradition on charges of sexual assault, is expecting to draw the largest crowd of the term to the Union, and news of his talk has reached the national papers after being exclusively announced on The Tab.

Julian Assange

President Lauren Davidson said that this press blanket is the norm for the Union.

Speaking to The Tab, Davidson said: “A lack of press presence is our default position, as opposed to the other way round.”

Under the blackout, only local news sources will be allowed into the chamber, and there will only be an official recording made by the Union.

Davidson added: “We are a private members’ club, and we aim to give our members the opportunity to engage with the most interesting and influential figures in today’s society.

“We create intimate settings and many speakers accept our invitations on the basis that they can speak frankly and personally to a contained group of Union members.

“Dr. Tony Hayward gave an exclusive statement at the Union and we also had a press blackout for that – an event that would not have happened if the media had been present.”

Students, however, seem annoyed by this press blanket, with one Philosophy student from Fitz saying: “I think we should abide by Mr Assange’s requests exactly to the extent that he abided by other people’s privacy requests”.

Although one Union source suggested that members should arrive at 1pm to queue for a seat in the chamber, the entire building will be vacated at 2pm. The doors will then open at 4pm for the talk beginning at 5pm.