Come Dine With Brit

Tab Totty Brit is out to whip the competition into shape on Come Dine With Me tonight.

Brittany channel 4 Dave Lamb Halloween Homerton

Homertonian Brittany Sheridan is thrusting herself back into the national limelight tonight when she appears on Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me.

Brit swept into the nationals last year after appearing in The Maypole in just a bikini for Tab Totty. Now she’s taking TV by storm by offending vegetarians and serving copious amounts of champagne.

Speaking to The Tab before the show went to air, Brit said: “I applied because I watch the show religiously and was watching it on 4od when I saw a little advertisement asking people from my area to apply.

“I’d never done a proper dinner party before but I consider myself a pretty good cook.”

Although her fellow contestants were happy with Brit’s culinary skills, at one point she uses chicken stock in her tomato soup and has to serve her vegetarian guest burnt cheese.

Another highlight comes when legendary voice-over man Dave Lamb interrupts Brit, asking: “is anyone else frightened?”

SPS student Brit may have had her photo reprinted across the country in January, but the show’s producers wanted to make sure that her fellow contestants knew about it.

“I think Tab Totty definitely helped me get on the show – they questioned me about it loads and even put my Tab Totty photo on my bedside table so that the other contestants would see it when they had a look round my house.”

Viewers will this evening also be treated to Brit showing off her talent for winning beauty pageants, and making sauces complete with lumps of plastic.

This isn’t the first time Brit has shown off her appetite for food; at Halloween when she won The Tab’s pumpkin carving competition.

Tune in to Channel 4 at 7pm tonight to she Brit do what she does breast…

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