From Bingo to Burlesque

Plans for a burlesque club in the City Centre mean Cindies could soon face stiff competition as the centre of Cambridge nightlife.

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A burlesque hall is set to spice up Cambridge’s nightlife, providing it gets the go-ahead from local councillors.

No Saints Limited, a “newly formed hospitality and entertainment business,” want to revamp the old bingo hall on Hobson Street to create a venue for “cutting edge entertainment,” complete with resident dancing girls.

The only thing standing between swapping bingo for burlesque in Cambridge is a licensing hearing, which is due to be held on 17th January.

In addition to burlesque, the Milton-Keynes based chain will offer: popera (aka. operatic pop), jazz, soul, comedy and fashion shows to students and townies alike.

Police have expressed their concern over the proposal, claiming that it would produceadverse consequences for crime and disorder.”

However, Lucy Herlik, a spokeswoman for the company,  is insistent that the burlesque hall will provide quality entertainment for the community. Speaking to The Tab, she said: “We need to get permission first, but if we open, it will provide a good night for some that don’t want to be in a heavy drinking environment.

“We will be recruiting around 50 mixologists, waiters and ‘meet & greet’ girls, and have local people on stage when available.”

Queen of burlesque, Dita Von Teese

She also insisted that burlesque is “a form of exercise and entertainment,” and suggested that there was commonly a “lack of understanding” about the art.

Sarah Peters-Harrison, CUSU Women’s Officer, refused to comment.

Other students, however, seem excited by the possible alternative to Cindies. Sidney student Tom Loughran said: “I’m glad the building is being put to good use.”

David Tysoe, a third year from Girton agreed: “Ever since I visited the Moulin Rouge on a trip Paris, I’ve been a huge fan of burlesque. This is such wonderful news!