TAB TRIES: Exam term clubbing

It is ten times more depressing than you think it would be.

REVIEW: Jesus Christ Superstar

Peter Curry is wowed by the frenzied energy of this charismatic production.

REVIEW: CUMTS Gala Night 2016: Live in Living Colour!

Warning: ecstatic reviewer.

DMCs need to die now

Do us a favour

Episode 6: The Bop

The Sunday Serial continues with a traumatic bop…

Trinity shakes it off to get Taylor Swift at May Ball

Cambridge has been gripped by a fever of catchy pop as TWO COLLEGES make dance videos to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

Girton Spring Ball 2014

WILL HEILPERN thoroughly enjoys a superb party, filled with considered decadence and touching subtlety

Tab TV tries pole dancing

We join Amber and Amy from Cambridge Pole Fitness to find out just how hard pole dancing is.

Diary of a Reluctant Virgin: Week 2

Innocent flower ELLIE SLEE continues her desperate attempts to get laid.

Further Confessions Of A Fucked Up Fresher

TONY HARCOURT, of Fucked Up Fresher Fame, returns with the dark tale of his first swap…

Tab Tries: Salsa

Fancy yourself a Latino god? NICK SINCLAIR tries out the sexy salsa…

Tab Tries: Danger Cindies

Cindies outside of term time? SASKIA GOLDMAN ventures into the unknown…

The Acid Test

KATHARINE ELLIOTT enjoys a trip through an urban alcoholic’s jungle in a show that tackles all the major first world issues.

Uncle A: Surviving Freshers’ Week

Uncle A is back, and this week he’s solving freshers’ problems.

Lola Lo

KATIE MAIR checks out Lola Lo. Despite expensive cocktails, she likes it.

Tab Tries: Take Me Out

We take part in Take Me Out for charity

From Bingo to Burlesque

Plans for a burlesque club in the City Centre mean Cindies could soon face stiff competition as the centre of Cambridge nightlife.

Getting A Tutu

Cambridge University Ballet Club claim to have created the world’s first ballet-themed flashmob.