Getting A Tutu

Cambridge University Ballet Club claim to have created the world’s first ballet-themed flashmob.

Ballet Dance dancing Flash mob Lions Yard shopping Tab TV youtube


Students organised an impromptu ballet performance amid the bustle of Saturday afternoon shopping.

Twenty-five members of Cambridge University’s Ballet Club (CUBC) took part in the flashmob dance, which was choreographed to a short piece of pop music.

"We danced for a couple of minutes to a crowd of a few hundred", said Caroline Radnovsky, one of the choreographers of the routine.

"It was brilliant, we all had a really get time -and then scattered afterwards!"

The event, at Cambridge's Lion Yard shopping centre, was captured by students and displayed on YouTube, where similar ‘feel-good’ clips have attracted millions of viewings.

CUBC believe this was the world’s first ballet-themed flashmob, and it certainly left a lasting impression upon shoppers.