Trinity shakes it off to get Taylor Swift at May Ball

Cambridge has been gripped by a fever of catchy pop as TWO COLLEGES make dance videos to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

cray dancing mad taylor swift

Something about Taylor Swift’s new single, ‘Shake It Off’, has completely obsessed Cambridge.

Trinity students have just released a pretty intense video in which a load of them jiggle and jump around in front of bits of the college, as part of a campaign to beg Taylor Swift to play at Trinity May Ball next year.

It’s quite well produced and must have taken a lot of effort, but the question remains, why?

This video follows Newnham’s even crazier rave video (what were these girls on? It can’t just have been caffeine and stress) again accompanied by ‘Shake It Off’.

The reaction to the videos has been overwhelmingly positive.

One youtube commenter, named Thomas Hughes-Mclure, commented “LOVE LOVE LOVE #TaylorAtTrinity”

Whilst another, Tatiana Barnes, could only howl “TAYLLLOOOOORRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Has this song taken such a hold in the minds of Cambridge students because its message, to ‘shake off’ your troubles via the medium of fuck-off cathartic dancing, is the only thing getting us through the insane workload and daily never-ceasing grind?

Perhaps. Or maybe everyone’s just completely lost it.