YouTube Video Of The Week: Week Seven

YouTube Video Of The Week brings you goat and World of Warcraft-themed offerings this week, which is better than it sounds. Promise.


Oh so very random and geeky this week, but it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. If this guy isn’t on some sort of powerful recreational drug, then he desperately needs help. What is ladder goat? Furthermore, why is ladder goat? Apparently the makers of this computer game didn’t realise that goats (or whatever it is) cannot climb ladders. This amuses the man playing no end. In fact, he laughs for nine minutes straight about this goat. Basically, watch the first four minutes, and listen to an insane man question a deer/donkey/goat about why he won’t show him his face. And see a goat climbing a ladder.


If you liked this then you’ll love… Leeroy Jenkins

We have all heard of World of Warcraft, either because it is the epitome of geek and the last refuge of a 45 year old virgin from Kickapoo, Missouri (Yes it exists. Check Google maps. I do my research), or because it is obviously the greatest MMORPG experience that we currently have, and my Level 42 Gnome Mage (named NoobSlayer564) could kick your virtual arse into next year. This is why I appreciate Leeroy Jenkins. He doesn’t take crap. Yeah, we could talk statistics – or I could just scream my name and run in their, axe swinging, with no hope of success. We need more Leeroy Jenkins types in this world. At least he tries.