Theatre Guide Dog: Week 5 Blues ‘Special’

TOBY PARKER REES gives it to you straight like a pear cider made from 100% theatre guide dog.

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Not blue as in sad. Blue as in dabadee. On to the next one, on to the next one.

Bouncers – The Remix 9-13th

This play is essentially a drama exercise. It’s a lot like the Drink Driving advert where the barman does lots of different voices. The main thing the two share is being quite patronising to a wide range of people. Expect mentions of alcopops and so on, because John Godber is, if nothing else, down with the kids. No word yet on whether the remix is by DJ Piez. Corpus Playroom at 7.

RENT 9-13th

This is what they should have put on, but I suppose it’s a bit short for an ADC mainshow, so the original AIDS musical will do. I have the utmost respect for plays whose titles are all in capital letters, so I hope this flourishes, and CUMTS rarely disappoint. Their acronym also sounds like a mealy-mouthed swear, which seems important. ADC at 7.45.

Ava Adore 9-13th

Goebbels & Goering, played by gyals. Before WWII, and post-Kristallnacht, if this extract is anything to go by:
Joseph – What’s done is done, I suppose, so if we could put the events of Kristallnacht behind us, I’d like you to come for dinner, following the meeting tomorrow. I’ve a speech I’d like you to take a look at it. Your help would be appreciated – public speaking is not, after all, what I am remembered for – I couldn’t bear to put on a poor show. Regards, Hermann.

Officious, them Nazis. If you hadn’t guessed, this is new writing. Pembroke Cellars at 7.45, but wait for the Tab verdict.

Betrayal 9-13th

One of Pinter’s best, despite its reliance on a big ol’ gimmick; the play runs backward. If you’re curious to hear what pauses sound like in reverse, go to the Corpus Playroom at 9.15. If done properly, this will be very good indeed.

Fired Up 10-13th

Annabel Banks wrote this, and it won the Marlowe Society Other Prize. She also once made a play I did Play of the Year. In TCS, but still. This shows perspicacity and nous. Hopefully her play will do the same – here is some of her writing for the woefully underpublicised Recorded Drama Society, see if you like it. ADC at 11.