new writing

REVIEW: Butterfly Effect

The flap of this butterfly’s wing doesn’t quite stir up the emotional storm it hopes to, says Jamie P. Robson.

REVIEW: Judge Judy’s Buzz World

Joseph Spencer is confused by this year’s Footlights Harry Porter Prize winner

REVIEW: The Madwomen in the Attic

The Madwomen in the Attic is both provocative and subversive, hilarious and disturbing, says Molly Moss.

REVIEW: Tristram Shandy: Live at the ADC!

“That verily was bloody brilliant!”

Why I don’t write for the ADC

Willow Wigglesword tells us what’s wrong with the student writing scene

Review: HATCH

JOSSIE EVANS escapes revision for an evening and finds it really rather pleasant.

Review: Hell of a Life

MARK DANCIGER does not rate this tired and badly paced show.

Whatever Happened to the Lead?

WILL POPPLEWELL likes what he sees in this new, self-aware comedy.

MaD: Monologues & Duologues

FRANCESCA HILL found this selection of new material partly surreal, partly underwhelming.


This play doesn’t quite fly with JAMES STANIFORTH, but could take off with a little more thrust.

You’ve Burnt the Parsnips

Theatre Editor AMI JONES doesn’t mean to be impolite, but she simply can’t bring herself to stomach this underseasoned offering.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 6

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG prophesies theatre to come. And is having suspicious food cravings. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?


Clichés are a sign of very bad writing and JAMES MACNAMARA has counted all these chickens many times before.


New writing being predictably unpredictable, it’s perhaps not surprising that ZULFIQAR ALI found the wrong bits funny about this show.


LEO PARKER-REES is turned off by a drama that misses the point of television.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 3

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG shares her tragic past, but only because it has something to do with this week’s theatre. She’s not some kind of sop, you guys.

Dandelion Heart

This week’s ADC lateshow leads to AMI JONES running away from the circus.


In amongst his habitual ravings LAURIE COLDWELL conceals a review of new writing which bites but can’t be bitten.

Anything But (A One-Woman Play)

In the second thrust of her Week 8 double-whammy, MATILDA WNEK glories in a whole hour of just Abi Tedder and a fistful of lolz.

If Moliere Walked in the MOMA

KIERAN CORCORAN treads a thin line between sophistication and sophistry as he assesses a slick and sharp new satire.