The Dumb Waiter

NANCY NAPPER CANTER [pause] likes [pause] this [pause] play.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 6

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG prophesies theatre to come. And is having suspicious food cravings. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?


New writing at the Corpus Playroom leaves JAMES STANIFORTH pleasantly surprised but still waiting for his coffee.

Ashes to Ashes + The Lover

Greedy LEO PARKER-REES enjoys second helpings of Pinter.


.backwards [pause] goes [pause] that [pause] play [pause] Pinter [pause] a [pause] enjoys BENNETT ABI

The Birthday Party

JEFF CARPENTER [pause] enjoyed [pause] this [pause] play.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 5 Blues ‘Special’

TOBY PARKER REES gives it to you straight like a pear cider made from 100% theatre guide dog.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 4 (Halloween Special)

TOBY PARKER-REES toilet papers your house.