“Bunsens not Bombs” Say Boffins

Top Cambridge Scientists call for cuts to military spending.

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Top Cambridge boffins have called for the government to cut funding for bombs, not Bunsen Burners.

36 angry Profs from across the country signed a letter this week claiming that spending cuts should be made in military research, not Science.

The move came after Vince Cable, the Government’s business bigwig, announced deep cuts to Government funding for science and technology.

He said that although Science was “vital to the country’s future”, money was tight, and cuts had to be made somewhere.

The Boffins, who include 3 Cambridge dons:  Anne-Christine Davis, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Robert Hinde, Emeritus Professor of Zoology, and Lawrence Paulson, Professor of Computational Logic, sent the letter to The Guardian to hit back at the Government.

In the letter, the Scientists are gunning at the £8 billion budget for Military research and development and ask why cuts aren’t being made.

They claim that military spending is “disproportionate” and “counterproductive”.

The ‘mad’ Scientists also called for the UK’s Nukes to be put in storage and the replacement to Trident be scrapped.

The group even say that by tackling the world’s problems with science proper, war could be reduced.

It comes only weeks after Konstantin Novoselov, the UK’s latest Nobel Prize winning scientist, warned that cuts could force our Universities’ talent abroad.

Cambridge’s MP Julian Huppert backed the boffins saying he was “concerned that if we take money out of research funding, the UK’s reputation as a world class leader in research could be at risk.”