Lib Dems pledge to give visas to graduating students from abroad

But only those from STEM subjects to begin with

Academic accuses University of censorship over Kashmir

People in Cambridge censoring things? Surely not


Investigative journalist COLIN ROTHWELL is back to tell you why Wikipedia is secretly the best thing since…the Encyclopaedia.

Fresher Bags £3,000 For Stem Cell Research

A Natsci fresher has won a European award for stem cell research she did over the summer.

Cambridge Fetches 50,000 Fans

Cambridge might be known for admitting the conversationally awkward and socially inept, but the University is today celebrating its online popularity.

“Bunsens not Bombs” Say Boffins

Top Cambridge Scientists call for cuts to military spending.

Darwin and Sexy Bristol Blondes

Darwin spent time researching whether blondes were more attractive than brunettes